About Us

My name is Rex Taylor and I am the inventor of the patented EASE Seating System (Wheelchair cushion). When I was 12, I suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 85% of my body. I had burned my entire right side and leg from the shoulders down, and had less severe burns on the left side. In 1944, burns to such a degree as mine were considered fatal, and the doctors told my parents that I would probably die.

About three months later, the doctors realized that the kid might live after all. Expecting me to die, no one thought to move me. I had been lying on my back for three months and had a huge Stage 4 pressure sore in my coccyx area. To deal with the pressure sore, they placed me on my left side, and soon I had another Stage 4 sore on my left hip!  I have included some not very pretty pictures of my left hip and coccyx area. Graphic evidence of what LACK of MOVEMENT CAN DO to SOFT TISSUE! My coccyx area was grafted over and the hip sore healed normally, but I still have the crater in my hip that has not filled in after 63 years. Though I spent 4 years in a wheelchair, I did recover a productive life, working primarily in the aviation industry developing new ideas and building engines and kit aircraft for experimental aircraft.

Why the EASE Cushion Was Developed

In 1989 I had a young “para” working for me on my carburetor bench. Arthur was quite capable of doing his required “lifts and shifts”, but would forget to do them. And he would suffer soft tissue breakdown, commonly called “Pressure Sores”. “Pressure Sores” is a misleading term however, because while pressure is surely a factor, the real cause is lack of movement! That’s why I got my sores as a kid. I was heavily sedated and staying in one position for hours at a time

That combination is what produces pressure sores!

As an engineer, used to solving problems by analyzing them, then finding a solution, I saw that Arthur’s sores were caused by his lack of movement to relieve pressure and allow fresh blood to flow. Why not design a cushion for Arthur to sit on that moved, so that Arthur didn’t have to remember to lift and shift”. Three years later, after many months of building and testing ideas, then discarding most of them, we had a good working model and were ready for real world trial.

An old friend from the aviation world had recently been injured in a motorcycle accident that left him a T9-T10 paraplegic. Don had been in a wheelchair for about a year and already had some probably Stage 2 sores on his butt. I asked him to try the first EASE Seating System Don’s sores healed quickly and today almost 13 years later, Don is still sitting on our products, a G 100+ System, and has not had any more pressure sores !

If you have never had sores, then you will want to protect yourself from them. On this web site you will meet dozens of customers that came after Don. They have found that our products work ! We suggest that you read the testimonials of our customers, pick two or three whose disability is similar to yours and contact them if you like. Most have included e-mail addresses and some even phone numbers.

These people are only a fraction of the many people enjoying freedom from pressure sores by using our products. But don’t take our word for it; ask the person who uses our EASE Seating System every day . If you have a sore you will find out on this web site that it is possible for people at high risk for pressure sores to live completely pressure sore free using our seating and mattress products with space age CCPM technology.



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