Dear Sir:

At age twenty, I sustained a cervical spinal cord injury, which left me with incomplete quadriplegia.

I was subsequently able to ambulate with a short leg brace

and a cane. One year following my injury, I entered medical school, graduated and took residencies in both Internal Medicine and Neurology.

I practiced clinical neurology for twenty-seven years until my mobility became too difficult. However, rather than completely retire, I switched my practice and have become a busy medical-legal expert.

I am still able to walk, but slowly and only for short distances. Consequently, I have resorted to the use of a motorized cart. However, until I used the alternating pressure technology in your seating systems, I was plagued with pressure sores. And their frequency and severity increased as the demands of my medical-legal practice required more and more time studying and preparing cases in front of my computer.

Now, not only have I been without a skin breakdown, I am totally free of the pain that preceded the development of the ulcers. Furthermore, when the ulcers came, due to my spinal cord injury, muscle spasms became a problem. Now those spasms are rare.

There has been one other notable benefit that I have realized. As a result of my injury, I have been beleaguered by restless leg syndrome. Since I have been using your cushion, I have been free of this exasperating condition.

I appreciate your product.

John David Sabow, MD



I am a New York City bus driver who has tried many types of seats and cushions over the years.

I've tried rollers, foams, gels, and even memory foam. I kept trying new ones, as I came across them, because, while all of them helped to some extent, I was always searching for something better. I learned about Best Seat through Magellan's travel catalog.

I was intrigued by the idea of the seat inflating and deflating, and that it had its own rechargeable battery. The catalog promoted Best Seat for air travel, particularly for long flights.

Right away I realized that this was something I could try on the bus. I sit for eight or nine hours a day while driving on the bus. On busy days when the bus is late I sometimes sit for four or five hours without getting up at tall. After eight years this was beginning to take a toll on my legs, especially my right leg, which was beginning to bother me.

At first I thought the price was high, but I wasn't going to use Best Seat once in awhile on an airplane flight. I was going to use Best Seat at work every day! Maybe it would even really help my legs.

The rechargeable battery with a 50 hour charge was also a big selling point. No batteries to replace, which would be prohibitively costly for everyday use. With the 50 hour charge, I could use it all week long. I was sold!

So I ordered a Best Seat.

The first day I used it, I was all smiles. It was fun to feel the parts of the seat inflating and deflating. It felt so comfortable. Best of all, at the end of the day I felt so much better, more relaxed and more refreshed. after the first week or so my right leg stopped bothering me. Just that alone was worth the price.

I have been using Best Seat for almost 3 months now and my sitting problems are just a memory. I even ordered a second one to use at home when I sit at my computer. Best Seat is a unique product -- in a class by itself --all by itself! There is no comparison at all to any of the other seats that I have tried.

Joseph Passaretti
New York City



Jim and I wanted to let you know what we think of the Best Seat cushions so far.

I love mine. My legs used to get tired and sore and my feet would tingle if I had to sit for too long in the truck.Not anymore. I no longer have leg fatigue.

I have the cushion in my truck, and then get irritated with myself for not taking it with me in the car when running errands.

My Cushion is just the right width, and the extra seat height it adds can easily be accounted for by changing the air ride position.

Jim is using his cushion everyday also, but he feels the cushion should be a little wider.

So far they are great. We will keep in touch.


Tammy Swafford
Truck Driver



Dear Mr. Taylor,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the exceptional service you have provided to my father over the years.

We acquired a Best Seat Lounge Cushion about 5 or 6 years ago. My father, then aged 95, spent much of the day sitting in a chair, and had been getting pressure sores resolved and they have not been back.

I have attached a photo of my father taken on August 1, 2012, his 100th birthday. The Best Seat pump can be seen on the left side.

Quite apart from the excellent product that you make, your service has been exemplary. We had a problem with the pump one time and I was astonished how quickly you helped us get it resolved. Phyllis, with no prompting, sent us a loaner pump when ours was failing, even before we had sent ours in for servicing. It arrived within a day or two with the result that the pressure sores did not even have a chance to think about coming back.

You make a superb product. There is no other available that is comparable to it. I commend you for your product and your generous approach to service.

With best regards, 

James Killam
Vancouver, B.C.



My name is Bob Beaulieu, Ken Hipp, a good friend of mine, was telling me about your cushions, and how much they helped his wife Grace who is wheelchair bound, and how much it helps her to remain comfortable over long periods of time. I had told him about how hard it was to remain relaxed during long hours of driving. I am a professional driver, and spend three to five hours at a time in the same position, often getting leg pain, and lower back discomfort, continually shifting positions to get comfortable. Needless to say, I tried the cushion, and was amazed when after about ten hours of driving, not only was I not sore, but felt as though I could keep driving, as there was no discomfort at all. I would recommend this cushion to anyone who needs relief while driving for long periods of time. Incidentally, I had no leg pain during the whole trip which was totally unexpected.

Sincerely Yours,

Bob Beaulieu
Professional Truck Driver




Dear Sirs:

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Best Seat and your commitment to customer service. It is a super product! Having injured my back several years ago it is very painful for me to sit for prolonged time. Regardless of whether I drive or fly is was not uncommon for me to experience significant pain after sitting for only a short period. As a consequence, I have tried several different cushions to make travel a bit easier and less troublesome.

I purchased the seat in december 2005 in anticipation of a long road trip after trying most, if not all, of the other products on the market. To my delight, after a twelve hour drive I found myself with no discomfort and much more rested than I have been after making similar treks. In a similar manner, I found that the Best Seat relieved many of the issues I was having while flying commercially in what have become increasingly uncomfortable seats. I want to thank you for making my life a great deal more pleasant.

The Best Seat experienced a small problem on a return flight which I brought to your attention. To date, I can state that few companies stand behind their products with the same commitment to quality and customer care as yours. Again, my thanks for your assistance and I hope others are able to experience the improvement in their travel or driving that your cushion provides.

Mike H. Ryan, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY 40205


I have been using your cushion for the last 30 days and I am amazed at how well the cushion has helped the circulation for my legs and sciatic discomfort. I have battled varicose veins and hip discomfort for 20 years. The nature of my job as a loan officer is that I sit at a desk and computer for 6 to 10 hours a day. The movement of the air on the cushion seems to provide a huge amount of relief from the pain and discomfort. Not to mention, my chiropractor indicated that I am easier to adjust and show less tension in my lower back and sacrum area. I wish that everyone who has experienced the same kind of pain could receive the comfort of your product. I also plan to use it for travel as the re-chargeable battery makes it convenient. Thank you very much.


Lori Gill

Financial Service Officer
Tri Counties Bank





"I'm Sitting on the BEST SEAT EVER and I've got the best view !"


Kristen Mansel

737 Pilot










I am writing to thank you for this outstanding product. I am an 86 year old man with a multitude of medical problems that impede my mobility. Much of my day is spent sitting. As a result, I suffer with pressure sores.

I have visited general practioners to would care specialists and have tried a host of remedies, but nothing has relieved my discomfort or helped me to heal my wounds like your product. Is has been a lifesaver.

I would also like to acknowledge the exceptional service and personal touch you provide to customers. I highly recommend your product and your company.


Jerome H. Krebs

New York, NY


I was able to purchase this item in the UK. It has proved to be an asset. Over the years I have travelled by car to the south of France and flown long haul to New Zealand, Australia and the States. The experience in the car was wonderful. I was able to get out of the car without any aches/pains. I also feel good after the long flights.
Linda Killick
Leicester, England UK
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