What Is The Best Seat Ever

Best Seat is the first really new improvement in seating since a caveman put something soft between his buns and a rock! Best Seat provides a computer controlled moving cushion that reduces seating fatigue and pain by greatly increasing circulation!

Best Seat is not like anything you have ever experienced before. This new-patented CCPM Technology gently changes the pressure points under you as you sit to greatly increase the circulation in your in your buttocks and thighs while you sit. This patented technology has never been available to the general public until now.

This medically proven technology was developed to prevent pressure sores and seating pain for severely handicapped people in wheelchairs. The prolonged sitting without movement caused them pain and pressure sores! Our patented alternating pressure cushion provided the movement that restored the circulation in soft tissue under pressure from sitting. Result, the pain and sores were gone!

We found "Active Massage" action of our moving cushions to also be very effective at relieving pain for people in everyday life who sit for more than a hour. Our customers report that their pain, tension, and myriad of other poor circulation related problems simply went away when they started using The Best Seat! The benefits are far better than taking pills or going to the chiropractor. When your bottom and thighs benefit from good circulation, you will sit comfortably for long periods and enjoy it with no negative side effects!


  • That truck drivers as a vocation, have more below the waist circulation related problems than any other vocation?
  • That office workers, particularly those that sit at a computer all day, have circulation related pain every day. The waste products build up in the blood restricted areas, causing pain and discomfort that makes you want to get up and move around. That is not always possible, but sitting on a Best Seat with its Computer Controlled Pressure Management (CCPM) Technology keeps the circulation going and the pain just doesn't develop.
  • That airline travelers, especially in “Economy” class, are very susceptible to all the circulation related problems. That's why they want you doing those exercises in flight to increase circulation.


SIT IN COMFORT ANYWHERE! Best Seat's CCPM Technology movement, by alternating inflating and deflating the many bladders while you sit, in a pattern designed to relieve pressure points on the back, hips, and ischials, keeps your lower body well supplied with fresh blood.

Movement is the key to good circulation in the lower body and prevents pain, decreases fatigue and effectively controls the cause of most below the waist circulation related problems such as:

  • Swollen legs and ankles
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Phlebitis
  • Lower back pain

Best Seat's patented “Computer Controlled Pressure Management” (CCPM Technology) has been proven effective for people in wheelchairs. People, who are up and walking, seldom suffer from these problems because the blood flow is not restricted as when sitting down while they work, drive or fly. After trying this concept in our own cars, on long trips, and having some long haul truckers check it out, we realized that the benefits of CCPM technology for basically healthy people, who sit for long periods, could be mind blowing!

COST EFFECTIVE Best Seat costs more than the dozens of padded, vibrating or heated cushions offered on the market, but none offer the “Active” movement of the Best Seat that deals effectively with increasing circulation while you sit. In the medical application, this effective technology is usually prescribed by a physician and will cost $2,000.00 or more but the same proven effective action now available in a commercial model at a small fraction of the medical cushion cost offering the same benefits to everyone who sits. Using Best Seat may reduce your trips to the doctor for circulation related problems and will certainly increase your seated comfort!

THE BEST SEAT will work harder, work longer, and travel further. And it will make you feel better while you are on the go. It is a GREAT INVESTMENT IN YOUR COMFORT.

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